Overview of Services - Historic Preservation/Heritage Conservation

Historic Restoration Specialists for Heritage and Sacred Sites

• Services to Design Teams (our core competency)

• Project-Management Services
• Small Projects – Unique and Complex
• Sacred Site Services

• Our Vortex
• Background Data
"When we preserve the past it is an act of hope and optimism for the future." Ken Follett
Our track record of problem solving, combined with a network of connections, has yielded a variety of solutions and alternatives for projects in the historic preservation industry.
Information and references on projects where we have provided services are available on request.
David and Ken Follett

Background Data

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Ken Follett resume, 2-page pdf

Articles (PDF files)

Contractor's View Craft Training, CRM 1997
• Pushing the Idiot Proof Product 1992
• Managing Out-of-Town Jobs 1992
• Rationale Behind Preventive Maintenance 1986

• Terra Cotta, Better Buildings 1987
• APT Communique -- trip to Poland 1997
• Preservation 1998 - bubblegum sidewalks
• American Caves, Graffiti Control and Removal 1999

Letters (PDF Files)
APT 1797
• Mount Ida Press 2000
• Busing 1983
• GSA 1981
• NPS 1984
• Pasvalco 1994
• Poland 1998

• Traditional Building 1999
• PSI 1980
• Transit Authority WW2 Mural 1995

Project Photo Sheets (PDF Files)
NY Coliseum Corner Stone
• One Bowling Green - Masonry Cleaning
• Paul Manship Medallions, Relocation
• Representative Past Experience 01

• Barnes & Noble, Union Square (under Apple Restoration) 
• Histo Presto Dream Team

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Our Vortex

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People that we know, have done business with, projects where we have worked, places where we have been involved.
  • Arteco Design & Construction
  • Association of Polish Conservators
  • Beyer Blinder Belle Architects
  • Capital Restoration
  • Castle Restoration
  • Christian & Son
  • Church of Heavenly Rest
  • Cintec
  • Conspec Associates
  • Design Collaborative
  • Ed Arnold Associates
  • Einhorn Yaffe Prescott
  • FLank
  • Franklin Stage
  • Harper-Brawner
  • Heritage Restoration
  • Historic House Trust
  • House of the Redeemer
  • International Log Builders Assoc.
  • Jablonski Building Conservation
  • Jan Hird Pokorny Architects
  • John G. Waite Associates
  • Kane Street Synagogue
  • Leffert's House Children's Museum
  • Leland Torrence Enterprises
  • Li/Saltzman Architects
  • Montgomery Associates
  • National Park Service
  • Old Westbury Gardens
  • Old World Stone
  • PKZ (Poland)
  • Preservation Trades Network
  • Preservation Volunteers
  • Quality Restoration Works
  • Radio Free Preservation
  • RJW Stonemasons
  • Robert Silman Associates
  • Rogers Marvel Architects
  • Scott Henson, Architect
  • Shaws of Darwen
  • Southold Historical Society
  • Special Breaks
  • Tecumseh Woodworks
  • The Stone Foundation
  • Thornton-Tomasetti
  • Timber Framers Guild
  • Traditional Line
  • Tully Construction
  • Vertical Access
  • Weeksville
  • Wyckoff House
  • Zabludow Synagogue Project

    Sacred Site Services

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    We combine hands-on experience with expertise in project management.
    Our services for the needs of sacred sites includes:

    • Planning and implementation of long-term maintenance programs, consulting
    • Cost estimates and budget development
    • Exterior envelope condition assessments, masonry, wood, glass and steel
    • Windows and doors, ornamental gates, repair and fabrication of new
    • Stained glass window glazing, repairs to stained and leaded glass of all types
    • Maintenance programs, gutter cleaning, roof cleaning
    • Stone repair, steps, altars, sculpture, masonry cleaning and repair
    • Light bulb replacement
    • Interior and exterior specialty cleaning (laser available)
    • Roof inspections, repairs and maintenance, slate, tile, shingle and flat
    • Emergency stabilization and weather protection, sealants
    • Water leaks, determination of causes and repairs
    • Graffiti removal and bird control
    • Cemetery work, repair and cleaning of grave markers

    Typical projects where we have been involved include:

    • Mineola Presbyterian Church, Long Island (exterior masonry restoration)
    • Northport Presbyterian Church, Long Island (survey-report on condition of slate roof)
    • St. Martin, Harlem (logistics for survey & stabilization at carillon tower)
    • Church or Heavenly Rest, Manhattan (ongoing assignments)
    • Kane Street Synagogue, Brooklyn (consult on window detail for historic compliance)
    • St. Bartholomew's Church, Manhattan (freed up a frozen bronze door at the entry)
    • Marble Collegiate Church, Manhattan (exterior cleaning mock-ups)
    • Church of the Ascension, Greenpoint, NY (exterior masonry and wood restoration)
    • The Baptist Temple, Brooklyn, NY (tower netting and exterior masonry stabilization)
    • Church of Ascension, Manhattan, NY (roofing, skylight fabrication, leak sourcing)
    • Church of Transfiguration, Manhattan (probes, masonry repairs, problem solving)
    • Zabludow Synagogue (Poland, project for recreation of a lost log and timber synagogue)
    • West-Park Presbyterian, Manhattan (logistics for tower condition survey)
    • West 4th Street Methodist Church, Manhattan (demount and pack stone plaques)
    • St. Francis Chapel, Gate of Heaven, Westchester (support to design investigation team)
    • St. Thomas Church, Manhattan (repair to hole in masonry ceiling above altar)
    • House of the Redeemer, Manhattan (repairs to stone staircase, interior plaster repairs)

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    Small Projects – Unique and Complex

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    If you are unable to find anyone that is either interested or able to undertake your project then that is the time to call us.
    We provide a wide variety of services specialized in the unique and complex, including:

    • Small projects, we specialize in quick-in and quick-out
    • mockups – masonry & carpentry, wood window restoration
    • architectural follies – we love small structures
    • prototype process development (figuring out what can be done in order to sort out work process flows and techniques) problem solving with materials in hand
    • there are few traditional materials that we have not played with, and even fewer that we are not able to figure out how to play with, and we always know who to call when we need a master craftsperson in traditional trades work
    • demonstration projects (fundraising programs)
    • educational workshops
    • moving of buildings – 2' or 3,000 miles
    • site specific art installations, we work with artists
    • walls, fountains, doors, windows, towers, mansions
    • we combine hands-on experience with an expertise in project management and a love of unusual projects
    • we delight in projects where managing the surrounding politics often outweighs needs of the work to be done

    Projects of note where we have been involved include:

    • deconstruction and reconstruction of Stanford White library fireplace
    • restoration of Japanese lanterns, Southampton, NY
    • repair to fireplace marble Butler-McCook House, Hartford, CT
    • Rumford fireplace, private residence, Ohio
    • masonry bake oven demonstration project, Lefferts House, Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY
    • Hessian Hut, Dyckman House, NY, NY (log and carpentry)
    • replacement of missing limestone eagle head, Newark, NJ
    • gutter relining, William Floyd Mansion, Long Island, NY
    • stone cleaning and repair Church of Heavenly Rest, NY, NY
    • exterior masonry restoration, Mineola Presbyterian Church
    • deconstruction and reconstruction of Edison Building #11 (carpentry, project logistics)

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    Services to Design Teams

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    We provide in-field support services and consultation to architects, structural engineers, architectural conservators, restoration contractors, and property stewards to assist in planning and development for heritage conservation projects and at existing structures.
    In the design team role we provide a wide variety of services, including:

    •    initiate, enable, troubleshoot, project consulting
    •    assistance in pre-construction site investigations
    •    on-site coordination of team activities
    •    site work (in coordination with Quality Restoration Works, LLC)
    •    skilled destructive and non-destructive probes
    •    logistics
    •    test pits
    •    lifts
    •    rigs
    •    sample extraction
    •    coupons
    •    field measurements
    •    data acquisition
    •    photo documentation
    •    document review
    •    mock ups
    •    construction logic
    •    schedule development
    •    assistance in condition surveys
    •    human resource interviews
    •    feasibility analysis (as pertains to traditional trade resources)
    •    location of difficult-to-source materials
    •    demonstration projects (fund raising programs)
    •    prototype development and fabrication (process flows, means, methods and techniques)
    •    assistance in working through difficult projects
    •    estimating, conceptual budgets
    •    and review of trade-quality related issues in contract documents.

    Our primary intent in our support services is to assist the design team to obtain needed information as quickly, flexibly and efficiently as possible. Information on projects where we have provided these services, and references, are available on request.

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    cutting steel coupon from High Bridge Aqueduct (JBC, LSA, TranSystems)
    High Bridge brick deck probe (JBC, LSA, TranSystems)
    logistic assistance 42nd Street (CDC)
    extraction of brick samples for testing Ossining Baptist Church (JBC)
    probes at storefront 138 Fulton (LSA)
    condition survey at 2 public schools Providence, RI (LTE)
    field assistance for condition survey Cypress Hills National Cemetery (Quinn-Evans)
    Mount Morris Fire Watch Tower (TT)
    St. Francis Chapel, Hawthorne, NY (TT)
    Edison Memorial Tower, Menlo Park, NJ (JBC, FMG)
    Brick House at Philip Johnson's Glass House (LSA, TT, LTE)
    Paint Strip Mock-Up, McCarren Pool, Brooklyn (Rogers Marvel)
    Travertine Anchor Probe, Neiman Marcus, White Plains, NY (Arnold Associates)
    Ellis Island (RSA)
    Edison Memorial Tower (JBC, FMG)
    Emir of Qatar Residence, 72nd Street, (TT)
    Ossining Baptist Church (JBC, Stephen Tilly)
    logistic assistance for cornice survey at Racket & Tennis Club (OSE)

    Project-Management Services

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    Our business is in building business.
    Project-by-project management and consulting services for small contractors, architects, structural engineers, and architectural conservators.
    • team building
    • rain making, business development and networking
    • strategic planning
    • market development
    • specialty estimating -- assistance, verification and review
    • project management support services, project administration
    • process streamlining
    • submittal process assistance
    • schedule development and monitoring
    • paper trail development, project communications
    • letter writing, editing and correspondence review, progress meeting minutes
    • document review
    • conflict resolution & change order negotiation
    • requisition review
    • location of difficult-to-source materials
    • integrated project delivery
    • logistic analysis and planning
    • prototype process development
    • assistance in working through difficult projects
    • human resource interviews
    • field-force training

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