Small Projects – Unique and Complex

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If you are unable to find anyone that is either interested or able to undertake your project then that is the time to call us.
We provide a wide variety of services specialized in the unique and complex, including:

• Small projects, we specialize in quick-in and quick-out
• mockups – masonry & carpentry, wood window restoration
• architectural follies – we love small structures
• prototype process development (figuring out what can be done in order to sort out work process flows and techniques) problem solving with materials in hand
• there are few traditional materials that we have not played with, and even fewer that we are not able to figure out how to play with, and we always know who to call when we need a master craftsperson in traditional trades work
• demonstration projects (fundraising programs)
• educational workshops
• moving of buildings – 2' or 3,000 miles
• site specific art installations, we work with artists
• walls, fountains, doors, windows, towers, mansions
• we combine hands-on experience with an expertise in project management and a love of unusual projects
• we delight in projects where managing the surrounding politics often outweighs needs of the work to be done

Projects of note where we have been involved include:

• deconstruction and reconstruction of Stanford White library fireplace
• restoration of Japanese lanterns, Southampton, NY
• repair to fireplace marble Butler-McCook House, Hartford, CT
• Rumford fireplace, private residence, Ohio
• masonry bake oven demonstration project, Lefferts House, Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY
• Hessian Hut, Dyckman House, NY, NY (log and carpentry)
• replacement of missing limestone eagle head, Newark, NJ
• gutter relining, William Floyd Mansion, Long Island, NY
• stone cleaning and repair Church of Heavenly Rest, NY, NY
• exterior masonry restoration, Mineola Presbyterian Church
• deconstruction and reconstruction of Edison Building #11 (carpentry, project logistics)

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