Sacred Site Services

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We combine hands-on experience with expertise in project management.
Our services for the needs of sacred sites includes:

• Planning and implementation of long-term maintenance programs, consulting
• Cost estimates and budget development
• Exterior envelope condition assessments, masonry, wood, glass and steel
• Windows and doors, ornamental gates, repair and fabrication of new
• Stained glass window glazing, repairs to stained and leaded glass of all types
• Maintenance programs, gutter cleaning, roof cleaning
• Stone repair, steps, altars, sculpture, masonry cleaning and repair
• Light bulb replacement
• Interior and exterior specialty cleaning (laser available)
• Roof inspections, repairs and maintenance, slate, tile, shingle and flat
• Emergency stabilization and weather protection, sealants
• Water leaks, determination of causes and repairs
• Graffiti removal and bird control
• Cemetery work, repair and cleaning of grave markers

Typical projects where we have been involved include:

• Mineola Presbyterian Church, Long Island (exterior masonry restoration)
• Northport Presbyterian Church, Long Island (survey-report on condition of slate roof)
• St. Martin, Harlem (logistics for survey & stabilization at carillon tower)
• Church or Heavenly Rest, Manhattan (ongoing assignments)
• Kane Street Synagogue, Brooklyn (consult on window detail for historic compliance)
• St. Bartholomew's Church, Manhattan (freed up a frozen bronze door at the entry)
• Marble Collegiate Church, Manhattan (exterior cleaning mock-ups)
• Church of the Ascension, Greenpoint, NY (exterior masonry and wood restoration)
• The Baptist Temple, Brooklyn, NY (tower netting and exterior masonry stabilization)
• Church of Ascension, Manhattan, NY (roofing, skylight fabrication, leak sourcing)
• Church of Transfiguration, Manhattan (probes, masonry repairs, problem solving)
• Zabludow Synagogue (Poland, project for recreation of a lost log and timber synagogue)
• West-Park Presbyterian, Manhattan (logistics for tower condition survey)
• West 4th Street Methodist Church, Manhattan (demount and pack stone plaques)
• St. Francis Chapel, Gate of Heaven, Westchester (support to design investigation team)
• St. Thomas Church, Manhattan (repair to hole in masonry ceiling above altar)
• House of the Redeemer, Manhattan (repairs to stone staircase, interior plaster repairs)

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