Services to Design Teams

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We provide in-field support services and consultation to architects, structural engineers, architectural conservators, restoration contractors, and property stewards to assist in planning and development for heritage conservation projects and at existing structures.
In the design team role we provide a wide variety of services, including:

•    initiate, enable, troubleshoot, project consulting
•    assistance in pre-construction site investigations
•    on-site coordination of team activities
•    site work (in coordination with Quality Restoration Works, LLC)
•    skilled destructive and non-destructive probes
•    logistics
•    test pits
•    lifts
•    rigs
•    sample extraction
•    coupons
•    field measurements
•    data acquisition
•    photo documentation
•    document review
•    mock ups
•    construction logic
•    schedule development
•    assistance in condition surveys
•    human resource interviews
•    feasibility analysis (as pertains to traditional trade resources)
•    location of difficult-to-source materials
•    demonstration projects (fund raising programs)
•    prototype development and fabrication (process flows, means, methods and techniques)
•    assistance in working through difficult projects
•    estimating, conceptual budgets
•    and review of trade-quality related issues in contract documents.

Our primary intent in our support services is to assist the design team to obtain needed information as quickly, flexibly and efficiently as possible. Information on projects where we have provided these services, and references, are available on request.

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cutting steel coupon from High Bridge Aqueduct (JBC, LSA, TranSystems)
High Bridge brick deck probe (JBC, LSA, TranSystems)
logistic assistance 42nd Street (CDC)
extraction of brick samples for testing Ossining Baptist Church (JBC)
probes at storefront 138 Fulton (LSA)
condition survey at 2 public schools Providence, RI (LTE)
field assistance for condition survey Cypress Hills National Cemetery (Quinn-Evans)
Mount Morris Fire Watch Tower (TT)
St. Francis Chapel, Hawthorne, NY (TT)
Edison Memorial Tower, Menlo Park, NJ (JBC, FMG)
Brick House at Philip Johnson's Glass House (LSA, TT, LTE)
Paint Strip Mock-Up, McCarren Pool, Brooklyn (Rogers Marvel)
Travertine Anchor Probe, Neiman Marcus, White Plains, NY (Arnold Associates)
Ellis Island (RSA)
Edison Memorial Tower (JBC, FMG)
Emir of Qatar Residence, 72nd Street, (TT)
Ossining Baptist Church (JBC, Stephen Tilly)
logistic assistance for cornice survey at Racket & Tennis Club (OSE)